Hey everyone,

Got a few questions or oddities I'd like to toss out for thought and feedback.

1. Set someone up in our LDAP and in the Zimbra Administration Console as Shaina, and she can send and get email fine. However, when I replied to an email she had sent. Her name appears as Shain. In addition to this, if I address a new letter to her, the autocomplete will allow me to put in Shain and fill in her address but not fill in the rest of her name. That is not append the additional "a" to make it Shaina.

2. We have a new hire starting on Monday and he will be using a MacBook with Leopard. Now then, he is set up correctly in our LDAP and also was simply added via the Web Admin Console. I can add domain shares on his computer and so and LDAP issue is out. Now then, I can go through Zimbra Admin Console and view his mail and log out of it. However, I can't go to the zimbra webmail and log in. It states that either the username or password is incorrect. I've typed this as slowly as I can to make sure it's not a password issue. Likewise, I can't set up his email in Apple Mail or the iSync client as the authentication fails.

Any ideas? Hopefully, this is clearer than mud.