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Thread: ldap account creation

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    Question ldap account creation

    Hi all,
    recently set up a test zimbra server... had to mess about getting it to work because the server is rather new and the LTS version of ubuntu wouldnt work on it, so i followed a howto for gutsy.. and all works rather well as a stand alone mail server.. and ldap is working

    unfortunately the only thing stopping deployment at the moment is that the company is wanting it to pull users straight from active directory..

    I've read about the perl script (exporting users to an ldiff file and then importing) but was hoping that there was another way to do it.. the users aren't a constant permanent list, the employee turn over is frequent for some parts of the company and so i was wondering...

    - is it possible to have zimbra create a user account on successful authentication with the ldap server (so first time they attempt to log in, zimbra checks the ldap server and if authentication is successful it creates an account for them on the mail server there and then)

    - or is it possible to have a script that every so often queries the ldap server and any new accounts are added to zimbra

    btw.. the ldap server is win2k3

    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forums,
    Not at present, but you can vote for / support ticket tag / cc watch this RFE: Bug 7235 - Auto Provision New Accounts with External LDAP
    See comment #2
    Goal 1: On first login create the account if found in AD
    Goal 2: sync (periodic check for an attribute and disable the account in Zimbra as necessary)

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