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Thread: Multiple hostnames & Multiple SSL certificates

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    Default Multiple hostnames & Multiple SSL certificates


    This is kind of a two part question but they are related:

    I'm running Zimbra 5.0.5 GA Network Edition (trial)

    1. I'm running a failover cluster with two nodes using DRBD. I want to use a "service name" for zimbra, so so that the config will work on both boxes. However, during the install I don't get the option to set a hostname and it uses the FQDN of the box, so Is there a way to change the zimbra hostname so that it's not the same as the actual server hostname?

    2. I need to use a commercial SSL certificate for Again, when I try and run the certification wizard it generates a CSR for I've looked at the wiki article on multiple certificates but don't understand whether than involves running a totally seperate apache instance, or changing the configuration of zimbra's apache? Either way I don't really need multiple certs, just one for the service/cluster name not the actual box names.

    Hope that all makes sense!

    Many Thanks,

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    Thanks for the questions. For the first question there is a place during the install to change the hostname, in fact this is exactly what the instructions say to do. Please take a closer look at the single node (1+1) cluster install guide for a step by step.

    The recommendation for question 2 would be to use the subject altnames to accomplish what you are trying to do. With the current setup ZCS uses a single cert for multiple purposes, including jetty (webmail), ldap, postfix and proxy services. Although in most cases the public facing web access can use the cluster service name, many of the underlying process require the specific hostname for secure interprocess communication.
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    Thanks Brian, I'll take a closer look at both of your suggesions.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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    We also have multiple MB's on cluster and have installed cert only on one MB forr the cluster name.

    But when i check the cert from console all other servers except the above mentioned MB have a different expiry earlier than the MB.
    What will happen when the expiry for the MB cert is not reached while for the others it is already over.
    Kindly suggest

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