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Thread: Can any one help with with hardware and servers

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    Default Can any one help with with hardware and servers


    I am planning Zimbra installation on Clustered environment with one head node and one compute node. I would like to use Zimbra NE. Can any one suggest server sizing like Min RAM to support 1500 Mail boxes. I have seen that in an environment with 2GB RAM and 30-40 mail boxes the RAM utilization is around 1.5 GB. I am looking at suggestions on RHEL 4.5 with Cluster suite and Zimbra NE 5.0.5. 2 servers 1 san and 1 tape. MAX size for mail boxes would be 2GB. Most of them use WebUI.

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    If you're planning on using NE anyhow, I strongly recommend you contact Zimbra Sales Support. They're there to help you spec things out for a commercial install--take advantage of the service!

    That said, if you search on "hardware requirements" you'll see a variety of threads where this has been discussed. YMMV, of course.


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