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Thread: How to change web access port?

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    Default How to change web access port?

    I installed ZCS 3.0 on Fedora Core 4. It worked great and I installed everything with defaults. The only thing I changed was the domain name from to so that the MX resolve correctly.

    The one thing that I'm having an issue with right now is the port that the web client is on -- port 80.

    I would like to have it listen on another port, such as 8888.

    I've searched through the forums and found a couple documents on modifying the server.xml file for tomcat. When I do that and change the port to 8888, use zmcontrol to stop the servers, and then zmcontrol to start the servers again, something seems to modify server.xml and change its port back to port 80. I've also attempted to modify the /opt/zimbra/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file's port. But that's doesn't seem to have much affect.

    I've installed tomcat on my own a couple of years ago but haven't touched it since.

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction to getting the web client to listen on port 8888?
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