Hi all,

I am new here and I just want to introduce our Proxmox VE (with OpenVZ) platform as a convenient way to run Zimbra (Proxmox VE is licensed under GPL). I am working since years with all major virtualization technologies and OpenVZ is the fastest way to run Linux servers like Zimbra - Why? See OpenVZ.

Proxmox VE installs from bare-metal in minutes, the rest is done via web interface.

Here is a (very) short HowTo for running Zimbra on Proxmox VE:

  1. Install Proxmox VE on a new Server, see Installation
  2. Download your favorite OS template via the Proxmox VE web interface (VM Manager - Appliance Templates: Download) - I used "Debian Etch (standard)" - 32-bit
  3. After download, create a new Virtual Machine (OpenVZ) with the Debian template, hostname like "zimbra.yourdomain.com" and with 4096 RAM (yes, you need this as 4096 also includes physical ram and swap space from Proxmox VE host.)
  4. Start the new Virtual Machine and open the console, run "apt-get update" and "apt-get update", remove postfix with "apt-get remove postfix"
  5. Now proceed with the standard Zimbra Installation Guide for Debian Etch.
  6. Please note, you can migrate, backup and restore this Virtual Machine with vzdump.
We are building ready to run Virtual Appliances with commercial software vendors and also open source projects like Mediawiki - and Zimbra is a very good candidate for both.

I would appreciate any feedback from the Zimbra community and very important from Zimbra people about this idea.

Thanks for your patience reading to the end!

Best regards,

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