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Thread: Zimbra Collaboration Suite 3.0 - Open Source Edition installation error

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    Quote Originally Posted by santiga
    I need BIND working to install & run ZIMBRA ?

    I never get BIND work good, anyway, my DNS configuration, works good ever.
    I guess you've installed (and obviously started) BIND via yum on your CentOS server? Your CentOS server has a fixed IP address and a DNS IP address pointing at itself?

    If you have followed the details in the post then it should work fine, as I said earlier, I have CentOS 4.2 installed and that config works for BIND/Zimbra and external DSN resolutions.

    If you want to send me an email with the details of the following files:


    I'll have a look at them later in the day. What do you get if you do a
    dig a
    Obviously with your domain name in there.

    Which version of BIND is installed on your system? What are you using for DNS at the moment, your ISPs DNS server?
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    Default Bind, or no?

    You don't need to run bind to run zimbra. But if you intend to route email for a domain on the internet, someone, somewhere, is going to have to set an MX record up. That's just the way it is.

    If you're just concerned about outgoing mail, you can set up a relay host and disable dns lookups (both covered in these forums).

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    marcmac, YEEEEEEEEAH !!!

    I think so too

    I have a domain, and DNS configured as well, with an MX record, of course...

    THX a lot man.

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