Hello -

I recently upgraded from version 5.0.2 to version 5.0.5.

After doing this all of my Thunderbird IMAP connections that were not set to TLS were unable to connect to receive mail.

Changing those to accept TLS was easy. It makes sense as this will connect to the server securely.

However, we have a Windows Mobile device that was using a clear text/plain login through imap. No matter what I set for the Global or Server settings (SSL on/off, clear text enabled or not with restarting the server between each setting) it will not accept the imap in clear text.

If I telnet to the imap proxy port 143 it says LOGINDISABLED (plus some other stuff). When I telnet to imap port 7143 it gives me the option for AUTH=PLAIN plus a number of other options (a lot more than 143).

My current settings are, under the GUI server tab, are set to: Enable IMAP service [checked], Enable SSL for IMAP service [checked] <-- (tried both on and off) and Enable clear text login [checked].

I also tried typing in zmprov ms mail.domainname.com zimbraImapCleartextLoginEnabled TRUE... which didn't work

I must be missing something, but can't seem to find it - any help would be appreciated.

BTW - I have tried to change the port for the Windows Mobile device to 7143 but I can't seem to get to function correctly so that is why I am back to working on the imap port 143.