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Thread: Where to download the source?

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    Default Where to download the source?

    Ok, I am getting older and slower, but after following the links to download the source code for the OpenSource edition of the latest Zimbra 5.x, I can't find a link to *actually* download the source.

    All I get is the Wiki doc on how to build it using perforce.

    Would anyone mind pointing me to the actual URL to download the source?


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    perforce is the source code repository. the wiki pages contain instructions on how to download it (look for 'p4 synch').

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    Building Zimbra using Perforce - Zimbra :: Wiki also contains how to obtain the source code.

    First grab a perforce client: Perforce Downloads: P4 Downloads

    Your connecting to
    (Other configuration as needed & outlined in Franklin README - Zimbra :: Wiki)

    Example command with user/pass:
    p4 -u public -P public1234 -c public-view sync -f //depot/zcs/FRANKLIN/...@RELEASE_5.0.5_GA
    or ...@2008/04/17:00:00:00

    And you have a copy of the source in your target location.

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