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Thread: Site defaults (time/theme et al)

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    Default Site defaults (time/theme et al)

    On installation I have failed to find a config for the time format. Searching through the forum appears to suggest this requires a hack deep down in the bowels of Zimbra - per language - which is IMHO a bit ill advised. If a server is installed for a company somewhere there shouldn't be a dependency on their language - this is raw functionality (on that topic, the time selection in the Calendar has been reported to me as "sucking", it appears our guys don't like a strip with 12 selections to pick an hour - and with the 24h format we *need* that's only going to get worse).

    Secondly, I have failed to find a way to set the default site theme other than by zapping the available themes and leaving only the one desired. Minor detail, but we have this sort of end user..

    Fix? Did I miss something?

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    Default please so we know what version of ZCS you are running. It is difficult to answer your questions until this is known, as there is the potential that they have been resolved in a later release to what you are currently running

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