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Thread: Migrate from x86 to x86_64

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    Question Migrate from x86 to x86_64

    I have a server with 5.0.5 open source edition in a centos 5.0. Both binaries are x86.

    Our server was upgraded from 2 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM. And our user base was also incremented.

    Reading the performance optimization page at:
    Performance Tuning Guidelines for Large Deployments - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I found the recomendation to move from x86 to x86_64. So some questions arise:
    a- how to perform a backup of mail settings and mailboxes in the x86 version than can be restored to the x86_64 version?
    b- I went from 500 to over 3k users, single domain. Will I really benefit moving to x86_64 in this config? (performance/stability)

    your suggestions are welcomed, specially in the backup/restore part.


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    I was thinking of doing this:
    a- Take a full backup of /opt/zimbra (with zimbra stopped)
    b- fresh install the OS in x86_64 mode
    c- place the backup back to /opt/zimbra
    d- download 5.x.x latest in x86_64 and run ./
    supposedly, the script will take care of reinstalling the binaries and preserving the data, right?


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