Been going over the Zimbra forums and haven't seen much on securing a zimbra install. I currently have an IPCOP firewall which consists of four networks, RED - ISP connection, ORANGE - DMZ network, GREEN - internal corporate network, and BLUE - wireless network. I thought the DMZ (orange) network would be a good place to put my test box to try out Zimbra, but I am not sure this is the prefered method. One of my concerns is that all of the users email files will be stored on this box which would be sitting in the DMZ area, if I get hacked I could lose these files, correct? Is it possible to store the email user files on another zimbra server on my internal (green) network? If the DMZ Zimbra server gets hacked for whatever reason at least the users email would be secure. Just wondering how folks are deploying there Zimbra servers in the wild.