We are on notice to quit our current d/c. New facilities have been secured.

New server allocated to the task of delivering zimbra is in place.

Current install:

O/S: CentOS 4
Zimbra: 4.5.10_GA_1575.RHEL4_20071116233533 NETWORK edition
226 accounts

New server:
O/S: Ubuntu (server) 6.06 LTS
Resides in new d/c, has different ...
# HostName
# IP-Address

zimbra: I have ubuntu install kit for 4.5.10 but the plan is to upgrade to zcs-NETWORK-5.0.5_GA_2201 (or whatever the latest is when we do this).

What is needed is a procedure plan for migration.

I guess we start with ...
$ zmbackup -f -a all
$ scp -r /opt/zimbra/backup/ldap/full-<...> un@new-server<...>
$ scp -r /opt/zimbra/backup/sessions/full-<...> un@new-server<...>

ok so far? or did we miss a step?

now then - what next? or is there a better way? perhaps a zimbra server-to-server domain migration tool

In any event, I doubt we're the first to go down this road, is there a procedure plan some place?

Many thanks.