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Thread: LDAP not in sync?

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    Default LDAP not in sync?

    I have two servers. Both are mailstore servers but one is the ldap master and the other is ldap replica. The replica somehow lost network connection for 2-3 days. When it's back online, I saw license on replica is gone.
    "zmlicense -c" show no license
    But "zmpov gaa -v" still show correct data.
    On admin console, when I tried to edit a user which mailstore is on replica, it gave me a popup window to ask me to input username and password again.
    Same as when I hit the server statistics tap or backup tab for replica server

    I tried to as upgrade on replica. The result is the same. During the installation, it said ldap replication has problems.

    How can I solve this? Any help would be much appreciated.


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