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Thread: [SOLVED] Can't start ZMcontrol

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    Unhappy [SOLVED] Can't start ZMcontrol


    Now I'm trying to install Zimbra NE onto Ubuntu6.0.6.2 system. Since we have got a LDAP server and a working mail server, we plan to use external LDAP authentication and multi-stage migration to Zimbra email server.

    Right now I've finished installing Zimbra NE on my Ubuntu machine. But I can't start ZMControl. I checked the zimbra setup log file and saw the error message below:

    Unable to bind to ldap:// as uid=zimbra, cn=admin,cn=zimbra.

    I think the problem is about uid/cn. I have to change them to myldap top level of directory information. But I don't know how and where to change them. The top level of directory information in myldap is cn=Manger, dc=mydomain, dc=com. How should I set them into Zimbra system?

    Looking forward to your reply. Appreciation your help in advance!

    - Richard

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    Did you install the Zimbra LDAP? If not, you need to do that as zimbra requires it's own LDAP for provisioning users and a whole bunch of other stuff.


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    Actually I realized that I had to install Zimbra LDAP no matter whether I use external LDAP right after I posted this question. So I did it and Zimbra started to work. Still thank a lot for info!

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