Hi all,

My first post here.. Installation went fine, but this evening I made a terrible and horrible dumb mistake. The (for me terrible story..):

I went to my home pc and wanted to check my mail.. This is where Zimbra comes in action (for a couple of weeks, without a problem!) but not tonight! Zimbra wasn't running anymore.. no problem, zmcontrol start is executed quickly enough. Some error about disk space being insufficient.

My first guess was: That can't be true, I've got plenty of space.. (Just 1 mailbox at the time and a 250 Gb disk.... Nothing more installed on that disk). Maybe is it all about writing permissions? This is where things took a turn for the worst.. This is the point of where I executed the following command (what the f*** was I thinking?):

sudo chmod 777 /opt/zimbra -R ......

Yes, I executed that command. After that it still complained about the disk space, so I started thinking. It crossed my mind that I connected a 250 Gig external USB disk and made a backup to that disk. Including my striped disk set (some important folder with photo's and video's). Could it be that my usb.... oh my god, It is in front of me.. Not connected to my server anymore and a crontab which starts the backup. Why didn't I think of that and why is it disconnected?

That guess was the solution to the disk space problem. 225 Gb deleted and everything went smooth again... Except for Zimbra. Complaining about permissions.. And I don't know the default permissions. Well time for my fabulous backup.. Ohw that's the thing why it is disconnected.. It was partitioned wrong.

So now I'm stuck with my permission settings of zimbra. How can I get it to work again? Who should be the owner of what file? And what permissions should I set to which files? That's the question.....