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Thread: red hat 5.1 64 questions

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    Default red hat 5.1 64 questions


    After asking many questions around here about virtualization, I've decided to install zimbra natively on red hat 5.1. So I bought a subscription today for rhel 5.1 and I'll be installing it tonight. I've ran Zimbra on Ubuntu for a long time but this is the first time down "the other path".

    So my question is, Are there any packages or prequesites I need to install if doing a base install of red hat before I install Zimbra? I could try I guess and see if it errors out but if someone knew offhand of what packages were missing I would appreciate it.

    I've already read the zimbra documentation regarding red hat's firewall and partitioning, but it doesn't mention about extra packages needed.



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    I have run Zimbra on rhel5 and 5.1 32bit for some time now. I'm had good success and just followed the docs. Ensure you chkconfig off for those things like sendmail. as the docs mention.

    I'm preparing to migrate to a 64bit clustered virtual now, with direct attached storage. It should work pretty well I think.

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