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Thread: Remote mailbox store (urgent)

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    Default Remote mailbox store (urgent)

    i need advice.
    i want to run zimbra 5, open source version
    i have 4 servers.
    i want to use one as the mail box store(back end with really huge storage space), two as front ends for users' pop, imap, mta and web access and one more in a remote site for disaster recovery.
    The question is, can i have the back end server run only mail store, and the two front ends run all other services.
    Please put me through how the optimal way to achieve this is.
    I have more than 5000 users

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    The multi-server configuration and installation is on the Documentation page here: that would be the best place to start.

    Please don't post duplicate messages in different threads, it makes it difficult to follow the thread and answer your questions.
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