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Thread: ZCS 5.0.5 NE on rhel 5 with clustering

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    Default ZCS 5.0.5 NE on rhel 5 with clustering

    new to the forum and new to zimbra so i'm hoping that someone has experience with a similar setup. we are trying to set up zcs in a single node cluster situation using rhel 5. we're managing the cluster with conga and have not had any problems installing zcs or running the script (other than it doesn't check to see whether or not cluster rpms are installed.) all goes well and then it comes time to modify the cluster.conf for ipmi fencing. the cluster seems to have some problems coming up and tailing the logs shows some fencing errors. we know we should've waited until we got our cluster.conf setup correct but we thought we'd try turning up the cluster before we made those changes just to see what it would do. two major questions. does anyone have a sample of how to configure ipmi as the fence device? we hear it's easy but have no experience and can't seem to find much on the subject. also, is there a date for a future release of zimbra that will be supported under rhel 5 clustering?

    we have two dell 1950 dual quadcore servers with 8gb of ram in each and we have configured the ipmi interfaces hoping to utilize one or both of them as fence devices. very simple yet very available configuration (once it starts working.) we're aware that clustering on rhel 5 is unsupported but it's what we have and what we're trying to make work. thanks in advance for any advice anyone has!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    To be sure not to miss RHCS5 availability, you might want to check this bug : Bug 18197 - RHEL5 support for cluster/RHCS
    It's targetted for 5.0.7 : Zimbra Product Portal

    About IPMI fencing, you should ask the question on the RHCS mailing-list.
    It's known to work but I don't have any documentation about setting it up (I'm running DRACs on my PowerEdge servers and use the DRACs for fencing).

    I found this : How to Configure IPMI on a Dell PowerEdge running Red Hat Enterprise Linux : Bob Plankers, The Lone Sysadmin
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