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Thread: Learning to implement Zimbra without IT background

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    Default Learning to implement Zimbra without IT background

    Hi, I have recently heard about zimbra and read all the products and features this service can offer my small business and I would be very interested in implementing this communication platform. We currently use Outlook and Google Mail/Calendar to access remote email.

    After reading through Zimbras website and then reading further about's hosting service I feel that my lack of IT knowledge means I am not sure how to start setting up my business mail, the webmail service or the desktop version.

    Is there a website or book you would reccomend as 'Simbra for Dummies?'. This system would be great as we are a small company (4 people) but are based around the globe and travel a lot. I found a book on Amazon about Zimbra implementation but I want to know if it is understandable or if maybe I should be speaking with a qualified IT person to help me implement.

    Thanks for the help, Cesar

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    Without much knowledge running a Linux server and other such administration, I would recommend trying a managed service for now for business use. By all means install it yourself for personal use and as a learning exercise, but you don't want to be learning-from-scratch on your company's potentially vital email!

    As for learning, I'm not sure there are any books specifically for Zimbra unfortunately. I would setup a small server (either a physical box or VM) on your home network (assuming you have at least one static IP address at home) or at your company (if they allow it) and try install and maintain a small server that way.

    You can always build a new server and migrate mail via IMAP from the managed service later, once you have gained the relevant experience and confidence.

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    I'd say it depends on where you want to devote your time. If you have the desire and the time to investigate Zimbra and Linux at large, then sure it'd be a great learning experience and beneficial; there's nothing stopping you from being self taught.

    However, if you'd like to dedicate your time and energies to the new business, then I'd recommend using a hosted service or if it's currently working ok for you - sticking with what you have. Come back to building your own enterprise email solution once you've built your enterprise

    Good luck with everything.

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