Hi, I have recently heard about zimbra and read all the products and features this service can offer my small business and I would be very interested in implementing this communication platform. We currently use Outlook and Google Mail/Calendar to access remote email.

After reading through Zimbras website and then reading further about 01.com's hosting service I feel that my lack of IT knowledge means I am not sure how to start setting up my business mail, the webmail service or the desktop version.

Is there a website or book you would reccomend as 'Simbra for Dummies?'. This system would be great as we are a small company (4 people) but are based around the globe and travel a lot. I found a book on Amazon about Zimbra implementation but I want to know if it is understandable or if maybe I should be speaking with a qualified IT person to help me implement.

Thanks for the help, Cesar