Hello all,

This is my first post here in the zimbra forums. I am new to zimbra. I began testing zimbra on FC5 with 4.5.10 FOSS last November and since then have used the FC7 5.0 FOSS editions. I really like zimbra and how smooth the administration of ZCS is! The forums have been a great source of help for me!

I work for a school district and we plan on moving to zimbra our next fiscal year so I have decided to install the 60-day trial (RHEL5 Zimbra 5.0.6). So here is the history of my issue that I have now. Thanks to anyone who can help!

I had FC7 5.0.5 installed on a server which I backed up using the backup procedure described in the wiki.

I then installed RHEL5 on this server and restored the data (i.e. mailboxes, ldap, all that good stuff) to a fresh install of RHEL5 FOSS 5.0.5 Zimbra.

After fixing a wonderful zmmailboxdctl not starting issue that had me going nuts for 5 hours the install of RHEL5 FOSS was working smooth as pie.

A couple of days later here I decided to install the NE-trial for which I recieved my license a couple of days ago. I just used the RHEL5 NE 5.0.6 version of Zimbra.

Everything worked perfectly and the license said that it is ok if I typed in the

"zmlicense -c" command

However when I attempt a manual backup command via the cli I recieve this message

command= zmlicense -f

"Error occurred: license not installed"

To note when I upgraded my zimbra from FOSS 5.0.5 to NE-Trial 5.0.6 my license file could not be read. I manually installed the license after I corrected the license permissions via this thread


I used this command to install the license

zmlicense -l -i /opt/zimbra/conf/ZCSlicense.xml

Suffice to say I would like to see the backup feature work however I am recieving a message saying that the license is not installed. Any ideas?

Thanks again!