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Thread: Moving the location of the zimbra message store to a new machine/windows file server?

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    Default Moving the location of the zimbra message store to a new machine/windows file server?

    Our zimbra server is 4.5.7 OSS

    and with the huge volumes of email we send and recive, have accumulated approximately 140GB of email in our message store in about 8 months.

    my question is. can i move the opt/zimbra/store/ folder to a new linux box with a 750GB hard drive mount the drive in that folder and have everything work? should i expect a large performance hit?

    alternatively weve got a 1.4TB file sharing windows server, is there any reason i should avoid moving my message store to a windows based OS?

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    Funnily enough I'm just trying a similar thing myself having failed to get DRBD running for an HA setup.

    I've mounted the store and index folders on a test server via NFS but I can't seem to import anything to it at the moment, I keep getting the message
    ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: Error While Delivering Message)
    Although I did read this thread ( which suggests NFS is a "bad, bad, bad idea".

    EDIT: I have the NFS writing ok now, turned out I was mounting the folders incorrectly.
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    We use NFS here (yea, I know) but it's on a 7-node storage cluster over GbitE. Honestly around here, email traffic is nothing compared to the 2T files floating around.

    If you're doing that much traffic with email, you might put a lot of load on your network if you use NFS. If you can, keep your data local. Oh, and I wouldn't really recommend a single 750G drive, you want something with RAID for redundancy.

    And yes, avoid windows. Firstly, CIFS is nothing like NFS, especially when it comes to file permissions. And... if you really care about your email you don't want it at the mercy of a Windows box... that's why you're using ZCS

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