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Thread: Seeming variety of problems on suse-9.1

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    Default Eureka!

    WOO HOO!
    It's working!

    I found a thread with details about resetting the mysql password: and that seems to have fixed the problem. Tried rebooting a couple of times and stoping and starting zmcontrol. Haven't managed to break it yet. Happy days. Thanks MarcMac for all your efforts.

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    Glad to hear you found the problem - as you surmised, tomcat gets config data from mysql, so it won't start if it can't get said config data.

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    The thing that seems strange to me is that it was only java that was complaining about it. When I did a mysqladmin status it seemed to be ok. Is it not possible to modify one of the scripts to show the error when you start it? I thought about posting to bugzilla but I'm not really sure what caused the problem.

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