I have just setup Zimbra, after quite a bit of struggling. Everything seems to be running but it is so slow.

I am running it on a 1.7Ghz Xeon workstation with 1Gig ram and 2 scsi 18.1Gig HD in Raid1 (software raid) running Centos 4.2

Even on the local network it takes 2-3 seconds after clicking on anyting to have things change. I am accessing it on a 100Mbs network using a Dual 2.2Gig Althon MP machine with 1Gig ram running XP pro.

I am trying to decide wether to use Zimbra or Scalix as a corp server for 200+ users.

I had Scalix installed on a PII 400 with 512meg ram and on the local network it was almost real time with slight lag.

My second problem was setting up Zimbra. I had tons of problems with my hosts. Yes I have read alot of the postings with this and got it working I think. No errors. It did complain about my Mx record but I just said no to change the dns.

My test setup:
Mx record setup with dnspark. pointing to my external ip on my IPcop box. Ipcop forwards 24 & 110 to my email server (Zimbra). I have a host setup in my Ipcop box with test.example.com (for example) pointing to my zimbra box.

On my zimbra box I have my hosts setup as follows localhost.localdomain localhost test.example.com test

After setting up zimbra it wants to use test.example.com for the server. Let me explain (I am new to email setups)

The admin email is admin@test.example.com (this is not right)
It should be admin@example.com (this is the domian setup with dnspark)

If I send email from my zimbra server the get out. It I send to it they don't and come back.

Man I have babbled alot.

Scalix was so easy to setup, but I really like what zimbra can do. I really hope I can resolve these problems