Currently we are running on the 60 day trial of zcs network edition v. 4.5.3. We are attempting to run Zimbra in VMware. We got passed the rpath installation but on the last step (zimbra services), we are told that no services are running. I have checked the logs and all errors point to dns problems. /etc/hosts shows only the loopback address ( localhost.localdomain). Every time I run I keep getting asked to change all A and MX DNS records. Also I am not able to connect to the Zimbra Admin page (, I'm assuming it's a DNS error but I could be wrong as I am somewhat new to all of this.

My question is, do we need to enter anything in the /etc/hosts file even if we are running Zimbra completely local or can I just leave it as is? And does DNS have anything to do with me not being able to connect to the Zimbra Admin page?

thanks in advance!