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Thread: ubuntu perl problem

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    Smile ubuntu perl problem

    hello guys
    iam installing zimbra on ubantu desktop edition , everything is running fine except iam having a huge problem with the system perl package , installation abort.

    i have tried :
    sudo apt-get install linux-kernel-headers
    sudo apt-get install build-essential

    i have also installed everything related to perl from the Synaptic Package Manager but the same probelm still exist i tried to find in the forums for related problems but i didnot find any .

    Please advice


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    Hi Mahmoud,

    Actually it's not recommended to install on the desktop edition of any OS. Even if all the dependencies are there, you wind up wasting a lot of processor and memory resources for the GUI and other goodies, that could otherwise be dedicated to processing mail.

    You ought to try your install on the Ubuntu Server LTS (Long-term Support) distros. It's in development for Ubuntu 8 Hardy Heron, and there are some beta builds available here, or you can stick with the GA build from our normal downloads and install it on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on the Zimbra Downloads Page.

    Particularly for the latter, this wiki may be of service as well.

    Well, the wiki would help except that a change in Yahoo!'s wiki software has temporarily broken the file. You can find it (mostly, tho not fully updated) at this post
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