I'm trying to setup LDAP replication, I have followed the steps given to me. But I'm stuck at one point I was advised before beginning that this has not been fully tested. When I run zmldapenablereplica it starts out very nice but when it starts to do the actual replication it executes some unknown command. At first it looked like it was trying to execute the slapcat command, which does not exist so I thought I'd edit the script and change slapcat to zmslapcat. I'm still having the same results so I'm going to change it back. Here is the full output of my zmldapenablereplica command:

Looking for LDAP installation...succeeded
Verifying ldap on ldap://titan.xxx.on.ca:389...succeeded
Creating LDAP config in /opt/zimbra/conf/slapd.conf...succeeded
Setting up replication ldap user...succeeded
Enabling LDAP service on jumbo.xxx.on.ca...succeeded
Shutting down Zimbra Services on jumbo.xxx.on.ca...done
Shutting down Zimbra Services on titan.xxx.on.ca...done
Replicating ldap data from titan.xxx.on.ca...Copying data...

-bash: line 1: HOST:titan.xxx.on.ca: command not found
Ldap replication failed - exiting
Thanks for the help