Hello, I have recently installed Zimbra on a personal home server. The problem I'm having is that it is not my only server.

My primary server is at bugs2go.com (gandalf) it is behind a DD-wrt router that passes several ports along to the internal address of gandalf.

I now have a second server being a dedicated zimbra server called smaug.bugs2go.com. I believe I have the A and MX records set correctly but I'm not sure as I have not seen any examples of multiple servers with the same domain and different hosts.

So I guess my question now is how do I attack the problem of getting http://bugs2go.com to go to gandalf and http://smaug.bugs2go.com to go to zimbra. I assume that it's going to involve the dd-wrt router but I don't know how to approach it. I also assume I need to do a split-dns settup for the internal NATing.