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Thread: [SOLVED] Cannot login to Webmail - admin login OK

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    Default [SOLVED] Cannot login to Webmail - admin login OK


    Installation seemed to process successfully. Am able to succesfully login to the admin console and configure but when I try to access webmail either from Account -> - > View mail - I get a connection has timed out.

    Same also when using ??

    Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the forums.

    You may want to make sure that all the Zimbra services are running. Run the following command on the server, as the 'zimbra' user.

    zmcontrol status
    If there are any services that are not running, you can restart the server by running 'zmcontrol stop' then 'zmcontrol start'

    Are you accessing the same FQDN for both the admin panel and the webmail?

    You may also want to check your Log Files - Zimbra :: Wiki to see if there any errors.

    If you can provide some more info, it'll be easier to figure out what's going on.

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    Default Issue Resolved

    Thank you for your prompt reply!

    The problem was related to DNS internal loopback where my domain was trying to go out and then back in thru the firewall. Once I resolved this DNS issue I was able to log in to webmail successfully.
    I also must have also somehow activated https (??) - anyway returned zimbra to http (zmtlsctl http) and login is OK.
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