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Thread: mysql.server and logger doesn't start

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    Default mysql.server and logger doesn't start


    I'm new in Zimbra and I just installed it on virtual machine (Debian Etch Vserver kernel). The installation seems succeeded good job for the installer !

    But some services are not started, I got this with the zmcontrol status cmd :

    antispam Running
    antivirus Running
    ldap Running
    logger Stopped
    logmysql.server is not running
    mailbox Stopped
    mysql.server is not running
    zmmailboxdctl is not running
    mta Running
    snmp Running
    spell Running
    stats Stopped

    I don't know where find the mysql log in Zimbra or check why it don't start :-(

    Please help.


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    The log files here: Log Files - Zimbra :: Wiki - you should also search the forums as this question has been asked, and answered, many times.


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