Hello all

We installed a zimbra 5.0.5 together with our public webserver and the document management system on a dedicated host at remote provider site. The provider allows us only to use one single public ip address.

So I decided to run the apache server (which hosts the web page) as public server including the ssl part and reverse proxy all ssl content through the apache ssl stack to the localhost bound mail and document management systems.

This works, except for zimbra. Zimbra (web client) is configured to listen on port 88 at localhost. The apache is configured to reverse proxy all traffic to this localhost interface.

ProxyPass /zimbra http://localhost:88/zimbra
ProxyPassReverse /zimbra http://localhost:88/zimbra

ProxyPass /service http://localhost:88/service
ProxyPassReverse /service http://localhost:88/service

ProxyPass /zimbrame http://localhost:88/zimbrame
ProxyPassReverse /zimbrame http://localhost:88/zimbrame

But everytime I try to connect to https:///zimbra it redirects me to:

How can I tell zimbra to redirect to the right server name?
I'm not sure if the zimbraSmtpHostname value is set correctly