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    Default New Design


    My boss has asked me design a Exchange implamentation for 1000+ users, with the ability to also become an ASP.

    My question was Why exchange. Therefore I am now looking to open source to design a different solution.

    Looking at two BL460 Servers with SAN Connection. Using an external spam Filter and Virus Scanner.

    Archive to an EMC Centerra.

    Running RedHat OS.

    With Zimbra, do I have the same worries as Exchange?

    I would like to start this forum thread and pick everyones brains.


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    Welcome to the forums.

    A quick search on the BL460 looks like they're dual proc dual core 2.3ghz Xeons, and support up to 32G of RAM each.

    That sounds to me like enough horsepower for 1k users under Zimbra. What were your worries with Exchange?

    You may want to take a look at Installation-Planning for Multi-Server Install - Zimbra :: Wiki since you're probably looking to do a multi-server install.

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    Default Other Worries

    With Exchange you always worry about:

    Anti Virus, three layers reccomended

    Databse size, speed of disks rtc..

    Attacks by Hackers, Security updates. ETC..

    Thanks for the replies.

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