I am using zcs 5.0.5 Open Source Edition.

I have already installed zcs & it is working fine.But,I want to use my website & zimbra mail server,both on "http" port.Below is the configuration i want.

http://renovau.co.in - Will work on 80 port.
http://webmail.renovau.co.in - Will work on 81 port.
https://renovau.co.in:7071/zimbraAdmin - Zimbra Administration console.

Now,previously,I installed zcs with "https",So it is complusory to change my access port no. from https to http. Then,I will make an alias file in /etc/httpd/conf.d/zimbra.conf to access webmail.renovau.co.in on 81 port.

I failed to change above modification,so Now I am going to Reinstall fresh copy of zimbra mail server.

So,just tell me below things.

1) During installation,suppose I want to change the zimbra port from https to http-Is it possible?

2) Can I add two different host names in zimbra? i.e. renovau.co.in is my default website,which belongs to /var/www/html/ directory in apache (httpd.conf) file.

Can I add another name "webmail.renovau.co.in" with 81 port,so that after the zimbra installation, I can directly use renovau.co.in as my website & webmail for my zimbra mail service?

Right Now,I am using "webmail.renovau.co.in:81" URL to access my webmail,which is not a very good idea.

Waiting for your suggestions.