I seem to be having some problems installing Zimbra on CentOS 5.2. When I run the install.sh I get the following error message:
ERROR: Installation can not proceeed. Please fix your /etc/hosts file
to contain: localhost.localdomain localhost

Zimbra install grants mysql permissions only to localhost and
localhost.localdomain users. But Fedora/RH installs leave lines such
as these in /etc/hosts: myhost.mydomain.com myhost localhost.localdomain localhost

This causes MySQL to reject users coming from as users from
myhost.mydomain.com. You can read more details at:

MySQL Bugs: #11822: Reverse lookup for not accounted for in mysql_install_db

I know the message seems to indicate a problem with my /etc/hosts file but it is correct and has the local host line in the format specified in the error:
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail. xxx.XXXXXXXXXX.com xxxx localhost.localdomain localhost

I did a google search on the error and found a couple of threads from 2006 that refereed to commenting out the "hostname -fqdn" line but I'd like to actually figure out what is causing this error.

Thanks for any help.