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Thread: Free plus mobility? Not sure?

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    Default Free plus mobility? Not sure?

    Hello, I've been using Zimbra for about 1.5 years. LOVE IT. It's just for personal use, I use it with several of my buddies to look at our schedules and have personal emailing. What my question is, is can i use the free (opensource) edition Zimbra, and have mobile connection to my HTPC (Windows Mobile 5). Mind you I may just be being stupid and not seeing this whole time that i can or can't, I haven't had much time to look for the answer. Just thought I'd go to the source for the answer.

    I have 15 accounts, and I need 3 of them to have access via mobile devices (all WM 5). So if you'll just tell me, that'd make it much easier so I know my next step. Thank you .

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    Default Imap

    Windows Mobile and Zimbra both support IMAP which will get you fully sync'd eMail.

    You'll need the NE edition for Calendar, Tasks, and Contact sync.
    iCal and RSS may allow for some 1 way syncs from Zimbra to the mobile device - search the forums for more.

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