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Thread: using a san for zimbra's message store.

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    Default using a san for zimbra's message store.


    We would like to use a SAN for the message store and zimbra HSM message area.
    (i've read the installation wiki and it tells me most of what I was previously going to ask )

    Can anyone tell me which part of the /opt/zimbra filesystem/structure lends itself to following areas:

    - in/out bound mail spooling (for incoming/outgoing smtp)

    - INBOX's/folders - ie users mail files/directories.

    -Document store areas?

    - HSM part of ZCS network edition, whereby 30day old emails get moved away from the main store area?

    Is there an optimum setup for Zimbra in terms of file system layout when using shared/non shared disk?

    We plan to mirror our system disks for the OS and part of Zimbra, but utilise the SAN for a single/dual node clustered solution.

    Have people out there installed zimbra exclusively on one big san partition or split the san/filesystem up for this?

    Any help/advice is much appreciated.
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