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Thread: Installation error

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    Default Installation error

    I am doing a binary install on a fresh copy of RHEL4
    (clone CENTOS).. I am receiving this error message at the end of the

    Soap call failed: 500 Can't connect to localhost:7777 (connect:
    Connection refused) at /opt/zimbra/zimbramon/zmcontrol line 230

    Has anyone experienced this error??

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    This could be a firewall problem. When installing the distro maybe
    you enabled the firewall? Can you run:

    # system-config-securitylevel

    and disable firewall and retry the installation?

    To startover a Zimbra install, do this to first remove it completely:

    # cd /your/zimbra/download/directory
    # ./ -u

    Now you are ready to do the install again:

    # cd /your/zimbra/download/directory
    # ./ config.saved

    If you don't have a 'config.saved' file from an earlier install, you
    can take the install interview again.

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    Lightbulb This is a control daemon problem

    Port 7777 is the port that the control daemon runs on. When you get this error, check to see if the zmmon process is running (there should be 3 of them):

    ps auxww | grep zmmon

    If it's running, and you still can't contact it, then it's probably a firewall issue, as the previous response mentioned.

    If it's NOT running, take a look at /var/log/zimbra.log, and see if it logged an error on startup.

    If it didn't, you can try to start it again - as the zimbra user, zmcontrol startup will start the control process.

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    I got this error the 1st time I installed, however it turned out to be that I'd run out of disk space (penalty of using a VM with a 4GB disk!)

    one thing to check anyway.

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