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Thread: [SOLVED] Fully independent domains

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    Default [SOLVED] Fully independent domains


    There is any way to setup one Zimbra server with multiple domains in a way they are fully independent?

    i.e. Users in Domain1 cannot see Domain2 users in GAL, etc...

    Is this only possible on a multiserver installation (if it is)? If yes, I think there must be different LDAP and MTA servers (one per domain??).


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    That's the default way of handling domains in ZCS (either single or multi-server(s))...

    If your domain1 users are able to see domain2 users in GAL, it means you already changed the way the GAL is handled.
    This change is "system wide" (once again, either single or multi-server(s)).

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    Default Getting Zimbra and lamp system running on a single machine

    Hi folks,
    I am completely new to zimbra, but I can say, it really rocks my socks off!

    The thing is, that I need to run some websites with php and mysql on the zimbra host, too.
    Now I have 5 ips on this server, so I wonder if I can tell zimbra just to use one of them for its webmail and admin-ui.
    One other ip should serve the webpages.
    Another problem is, that I cant run the mysql, because zimbras integrated mysql blocks the port.
    How can help?

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. I get an error when creating a new post, so I replied to this existing one.

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    Thanks....I was trying on a system were there is a main domain and two alernate domains, but accounts on this are just alias of the main (domain) account...

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