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Thread: [SOLVED] Open Source version complains about license

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    Default [SOLVED] Open Source version complains about license


    We just 'upgraded' (downgraded?) from the NE version to the Open Source version, and now the administration console complains "Can't get the valid licesnse information from server..."

    Should it do that? Is there a license that goes along with the Open Source version? Or is there some component of the NE version that is still there and unhappy?

    Other than this, things seem to be working properly - at least email is getting delivered.


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    Uninstall the Network Edition zimlets

    su - zimbra
    zmzimletctl listZimlets all

    In particular, the license zimlet.

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    Default That did it

    That, plus hints from posts that the forum software thought were 'similar'.

    zmzimletctl listZimlets all
    zmzimletctl undeploy com_zimbra_license
    zmzimletctl undeploy com_zimbra_mobilesync
    zmzimletctl undeploy com_zimbra_domainadmin
    zmzimletctl undeploy com_zimbra_backuprestore

    And now it doesn't complain any more.

    Thanks for the quick response.

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