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    Default Advanced MTA Configuration - multiple domains


    I'm thoroughly impressed with ZCS. I've setup about 10 different test platforms over the past 4 months to make sure it's as good as it looks.

    So far so good, but today I decided to start my last set of tests -> how well does is scale on a good server?

    I'm running this software on an HP ML350-G4 with 4GB RAM, Dual-Proc 3.4 Ghz Hyper-threaded Xeon processors.

    Everything setup by the installer works fine but my goal is a complex config:

    I want to handle about 20 different email domains.

    in 2 of these domains I want 4 local users, and the rest delivered to another Mail server.

    In 4 of these domains, I simply want to scan the email and foward to another mail server (ie: smart host).

    the rest of the domains will be holding 5-10 user accounts, each with multiple aliases and distribution lists.

    I've done this type of config using Sendmail, SA, ClamAV, Procmail, and other tools before.

    I want to know if I can do just as much with Zimbra.

    When testing I ran into problems pretty quickly.

    First my mail host sits on a private network behind a firewall, so it's primary hostname on the internet and it's actual hostname on our LAN is different.

    My first big problem shows up when I add a second and third domain(s). these are internet routable email domains and zimbra accepts them. However when I try to create a new user account using one of those domains, it still keeps showing up in the user accounts field as user @, not user @ Is this a display error or an error in the config?

    Next if I try to create aliases for that user in any of my secondary domains, they all display as alias @, not the domain I specified when I created the alias.

    Client interface loaded with FireFox 1.5

    Clean install of FedoraCore 4, all the updates, no conflicting packages and all the resources in the world.

    Can anyone direct me to some docs / examples of complex zimbra configs?

    Or even better, tell me what I'm doing wrong or simply not doing at all?

    Thanks for all the help and a wonderful solution for the linux enterprise networks.
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