zmdailyreport hangs up when it runs. If left running, it will eventually consume 75% or more of the system memory over several hours and slow the server to the point it is unuseable. Killing the zmdailyreport process resolve the slowness.

If I run zmdailyreport -d, I find that the point it hangs is tracing a specific processed message. Over the last week of troubleshooting, it is always the same message ID that it hangs on.

I've run zmmsgtrace on that message ID, and it hangs as well.

I've used the -t option with zmdailyreport and found numerous time periods throughout the day over which it will run properly. However, there are also numerous time periods during a day over which it hangs, always on the same message ID.

Any ideas on how to resolve this or at least troubleshoot further?

Using 4.5.7_GA_1319.RHEL5_20070914191615 CentOS5 NETWORK edition