I have a domain name which points to my public ip address. I am behind a firewall and forwarded certain ports to the internal ip address of the server:
I set up Bind9 on IP
There is a 3rd computer on ip
The domain name is xz.myip.hu which has an mx record pointing to mail.xz.myip.hu.
I set up the Bind9 so that it would serve this domain name and that it points to the internal address of the server:
I added the ip of the DNS server to the resolv.conf file of the other machines. When I do dig xz.myip.hu I get a response showing that it points to the server.

However when I try to navigate to xz.myip.hu from the local network I cannot connect to the computer. I tried the ip address as well. Do you think I missed a step?

Do you need the config files?