I've managed to get 5.08 up and running on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and it seems to be working fine with only minor issues.

I'm in a very small environment with only about 20 users so it's all running on one machine.

The host name of the machine it's installed on is server1.domain.com

What I'd like to do change the host name to mail.domain.com

Couple of reasons for this:

1. My DNS is hosted externally, and making changes is a pain. mail.domain.com and anything addressed to mail.domain.com does point to server1.domain.com internally, so this address can be used in the web client as well as mail clients.

2. Mail is a lot easier to remember than server1 for users.

The way it's set up now, there's really only 2 problems.

The first is the certificate which I created for server1 and not mail. I believe this can be recreated to allow both host names.

The second is the internal links all point to server1.domain.com. This is fine when on the internal network as the local DNS knows where to go. This does cause a problem for remote users because the external hosted DNS does not know server1.

Any suggestions on the best way to handle it?