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Thread: Installing rapidssl certs: with rootca and chained cert

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    Default Installing rapidssl certs: with rootca and chained cert

    With the advent of ff3 and it's requirement for ssl trusted certs, more and more people is searching for ssl solution.

    We have chosen rapidssl, and i have requested 30 days trial named freessl cert, and now i'm faced with fateful form:
    Please upload the following files from your CA
    Root CA
    Intermediate CA

    i have my own cert, but i dunno where i can get the proper root ca cert and intermediate ca cert; i supposed the right page is this:
    SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificates 128 bit

    but, then, which ones?

    maybe, root ca is this:
    FreeSSL Root Certificate (Base-64 encoded X.509)

    maybe chained cert is this:
    ChainedSSL Root Certificate (Base-64 encoded X.509)
    ChainedSSL Intermediate Root Certificate (Base-64 encoded X.509)

    but i need the exact answer before to insert certs in fateful form

    Rapidssl site declare that their certs do not need Intermediate CA cert as their certs are
    single root

    can zimbra avoid the inetrmediate cert?
    should i use CLI instead of GUI to install cert without "Intermediate CA cert"?

    as usually, any help would be very apreciated

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