Would the following be realistic?

I would like to have on the same machine Zimbra on say zimbra.mydomain.net with
- SSL connection through the 443 port (I can't do a https://zimbra.mydomain.net:1414)
- redirection of non SSL connection to SSL connection (basically redirection of port 80 to https://)
Be able to host some virtualhosts: Domain Names, Shared Web Hosting and Site Design Tools - MyDomain, admin.mydomain.net, etc, with SSL connection available (same story, the user has to use the default port) and full apache (or other) server + php + mysql, etc.

Is it realistic on a single machine? I am a bit concerned that:
1) If I install apache and set up a redirection to a port on which Zimbra (SSL) would be listening, then it's equivalent to connectionting to https://zimbra.mydomain.net:1414, won't work for my users who can only use standard ports. So not really an option to me.
2) Can a proxy handle SSL? In other words can apache maintain an SSL connection with the client on say a virtual host and internally redirect the traffic to zimbra on another port (in that case that other port doesn't need to be SSL,... or does it?)?
3) Is there another solution? I am not even sure that what I would like to achieve is realistic on a single machine.

thanks in advance for your help!