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Thread: Big installation (more then 1000 users)

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    Default Big installation (more then 1000 users)


    I am installing Zimbra Open Source edition for my company... I am planning more then 1000 users.
    Which hardware is the best for this situation?

    I am planning 2x Intel Quad Core 64bit, 16GB RAM, 6 xSAS 300GB, ( 2 for OS, 4 for zimbra/store in RAID 10).

    Does anybody have any experience with big installations?

    Do you have any suggestions?

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    Hi..number if users is not the real measure of large install (we have 10,000 users on dual 3.2 ghz, 2 GB ram for a customer..they only using 50% of system resources still..i guess only 1 % using the system for pop/ real webmail use or IMAP)

    Based on how much web interface is in ues, how much IMAP Is used in term of concurrent connections and amount of SPAM you get which may cause large CPU usage.

    Its better to do Multi Server Install if you consider your install Large in terms of usage
    Installation-Planning for Multi-Server Install - Zimbra :: Wiki

    if you want to optimize single server install you can try the following:
    Performance Tuning Guidelines for Large Deployments - Zimbra :: Wiki

    * Small trick is to install SQLGREY.. it will save you TONS of cpu and ram which your users can use for good.

    If you have problems ask here on the forums.
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    One of the keys that I have read is plenty of RAM and a fast RAID 1 or 1+0 rather than RAID5. It seems I/O access is rather heavy from what I have seen on my test system. I have a 4x 7200 SATA in RAID 1+0 that will be moved to 6x 15k SAS in RAID 1+0 for faster access and redundency.
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