Dear Zimbra folks,

At our company we would like to deploy the Zimbra Open Source edition for use by our customers. We plan to do some minor modifications to the user interface like translating text strings.
The licensing FAQ states that we have to publish these modifications. That's no problem, assuming that a link from the login page to a 'source code center' page containing the Zimbra sources and our patches satifies that requirement.
I'm a bit confused about the Zimbra logo however: on one hand the trademark policy says we'll have to replace all Zimbra logo appearences in the user interface to avoid brand confusion. On the other hand the feature comparison page ( says that the Network Edition has the "Ability to rebrand the user interface with a personalized logo", whereas the Open Source edition has not. What does this mean? Is this ability a feature that just makes it easier to replace to logo? We are required to replace the logo, aren't we?
Please let me know how to do a license compliant Zimbra deployment.

Thanks in advance (both for your answer and Zimbra!),