Hi All,

I've setup the OpenSource ZCS 5 Server on my network, to replace my current Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server...

Everything is working great, sending/receiving, user PST imports, etc..

The only problem I'm having right now is I keep getting emails coming into my deferred queue, but only for the following two accounts:


mail..com is the FQDN of my server, and I can't seem to figure out why it is being used as the domain name. Which is NOT the actual hostname of my server, as we are running an internal .local extension.

zmprov gad show only the following domains:

mydomain.com (Primary Domain)
zimbra.mydomain.local (initial domain that was created, during installation)

From the Web Administration Tool, when I view the queue, the Origin IP is showing as localhost (

I'm assuming these messages may be getting generated by my zimbra server, to alert me of something... The one message had something to do with my Hard Drive Space, which was almost maxing out, as I wasn't deleting old backups, but is cleared up now...

Would this be zimbra?

If so, how can it be changed to used the actual domain name and not the FQDN of the server, for the postmaster and zimbra accounts...

I do NOT have a postmaster or zimbra account setup, I just setup and alias for these under my personal account.

Any help here would be very much appreciated.