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Thread: 3.10GA, Suse 9, Blank admin page

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    Default 3.10GA, Suse 9, Blank admin page


    I have an existing Zimbra server that is on SLES 9, and running Zimbra 3.10GA.

    I am trying to set up another computer that is SLES 9 and Zimbra 3.10GA that I will use to test, and upgrade to the current Zimbra release, and OS release.

    I have installed SLES9, the dependencies, and a local bind.

    Dig can resolve my host and mx records.

    My hosts file looks similar to localhost.localdomain localhost fqdn host

    I have installed 3.10GA, removed its directories, copied my backup in /opt.

    I can start using zmcontrol, and all services start. Zmcontrol status shows all services running

    I see no errors in the logs.

    If I browse to https://myserver:7071 I get a blank background.

    I have run the 3.10GA, and upgraded, but I still get a blank screen.

    After getting nowhere, I wiped the disk, and resinstalled SLES 9. I wanted to see if I could get a fresh install of Zimbra running, so I installed just 3.10GA without my backup.

    I still get a blank background when I browse to https://myserver:7071

    If I browse to http://myserver I get a login screen, but when I try to login, I get an error 'service.UNKNOWN_DOCUMENT'

    What am I not doing correctly??


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    I just installed firebug, and it reveals the same error for the blank page.

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